Last night several friends and I ventured downtown to eat at Tomato Head and then tour around Market Square and Gay Street for the monthly First Friday openings. It was total bliss. The food at Tomato Head was wonderful (I had the best vegetarian salad with feta dressing, yum!) And I walked over to Fizz, where I treated myself to the most amazing skirt that I have had my eye on since the fall. I mean, this skirt is amazing. (I will have to post pictures so that you can see it). Next door at Bliss Home was my beautiful friend, Ashley Addair and her husband, Levon Walker. Ashley’s art is hanging up @ Bliss and she was the featured artist at Bliss last night. You should check her stuff out. She’s brilliant. Plus, they just found out they are pregnant! (Major congrats goes out to them).

Then we wandered down towards the Emporium Center, where I bumped into several art teachers that I know. One of my friends who is the kindest, Hollie Strom, won best in show at the regional art educators show! I was so super impressed with her work! She had a huge encaustic piece, and she explained every detail to me. She won a scholarship to take classes at Arrowmont this summer! She’s awesome, and her art is amazing!

In between all of it, I had dinner with my neighbor, Miranda (who I am growing quite attached to) and her friend Dave (who amuses himself quite well…he was laughing at his own jokes all night) and my friend, Vicki, who I have not seen since November. It was great to see Vicki, although we didn’t last very late….it was so good to get out and be artsy.

Then, I bumped into several other friends (my friend Molly McClellan who dances, teaches yoga and heals people), co-workers, and ended the night rather early, as I was exhausted beyond words.

Knoxville is unreal. Art like this?! People like this?! Opportunities like this!? I am so happy to be living here. SO happy.


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