Nothing says wow like a Cirque du Soleil performance. I have admittedly been to seven, yes seven, performances of Cirque! From an entire show on horseback to being immersed in snow blown around the entire arena, I love going to see the pizazz that these directors and performers always bring to the stage.

(pictured here is the contortionist from the “Ghost Stories” section of the show)

However, when a friend told me that the Michael Jackson “The Immortal” tour was coming to Nashville, and that her family was going to go and would I want to go…I hesitated. Six shows of Cirque seemed a bit ridiculous to me…a seventh? HOWEVER…this WAS Michael Jackson….the man, who when I was 5 years old, danced around my bedroom, in my head, and captured my heart as a little girl. To this day, I have been a fan, never giving hope on him even when the news gave us all a reason to wonder his character and nature. I still could not stop thinking he was brilliant.

After several months of being asked to see Cirque with my good friend and her family, I was told by her also that Glee was going to do a Michael Jackson special. I had never watched Glee, but I tuned in that night. I was impressed by the show, and my love for Michael Jackson’s music swelled. I bought tickets that night to the Nashville performance. 🙂

I do not regret it one bit.

When I was in kindergarten, my best friend at the time, Travis, got to see MJ in concert, and I was supremely jealous. The year that MJ died, friends of mine had tickets to see him in London. Sadly, I never saw him in concert while he was alive.

This show comes the closest to bringing Michael Jackson in concert. As soon as the lights dimmed and the music blasted through the arena, I was in the submerged in one of the greatest experiences musically of my life. No joke! I sat there singing at the top of my lungs (many apologies to those around me, including my dear friend, Cap) and chair dancing.

I cannot decide my favorite parts of the show…as aerialists clad entirely in lights lifted off the stage, often suspended only by a foot or somoenes arm. Dancers emanated MJ on stage, producing almost exact replicas of his dance moves. Every song was one I knew, every word made a smile come to my face. I loved of course hearing my favorite song, Billie Jean, and Wanna Be Starting Something and definitely when they did the old school Jackson 5 songs!

There were some critiques to this show, however. I do not think I would see it again. Honestly, it appeared a bit sloppy at times. Costumes with lights would flash on and off becoming very distracting, and a few of the performers would miss their cues and awkwardly try to recover. Granted, performance of any kind is tricky and there is always human error. But, I have not been to a Cirque show where I have noticed error before, so this time it was a bit disappointing. Also, the best Cirque shows I have been to are the ones housed in a tent. Watching Cirque in an arena is admittedly disappointing, as the details of the fantastic costumes are lost, as is the expressions of the performers. This may truly be my last Cirque show due to these facts.

But, what a way to go out! MJ. It may sound sacrilegious to say The Immortal World Tour of Michael Jackson. I truly thought about that while waiting for the show to start. Then, I realized that my interpretation of immortal lived solely through my religious upbringing. Michael Jackson was the caliber of performer to become immortal in the sense that he and his music truly will live on, even after he has passed.

I leave you with this video from Good Morning, America that showcased one of the performances of the Cirque du Soleil performance….and I leave ya with all that is Michael Jackson!

Cirque du Soleil on GMA


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