Working out has been a stress-reliever in my life for many years. Being a teacher and a somewhat anxious person, it has made my life a lot more bearable (for myself and those nearest to me.) And, it is my token 30-60 minutes to myself.

This past year at work, a personal trainer was brought in and several of us signed up for her classes. In these once a week ventures, she taught us how to circuit train. I loved the variety that circuit training could offer…doing weights then 30 seconds of cardio. But, what I loved most of all were the results that I have seen in my body. I am older than the average spring chicken, but in better shape than I have ever been!

Today, I stumbled upon a new workout at Women’s Health Magazine online (they have a great wealth of workouts online, introducing new variety is so vital for me to keep my motivation up.) They also believe a lot in circuit training and the results that you get from it. Recently, a good friend and I bought coupons to do CrossFit for a month. (eek) I am interested in what I will learn from the time spent doing this type of excercise. I have another friend who picked up CrossFit, and her physique totally changed. She was so strong and lean it was unbelievable. (I’m sure I will be no parkuor queen, but one can dream!)

In prep for this training, I give you The Do-Anywhere CrossFit Workout. The reason I titled my article the way I did, is because burpees kick my arse. When I was introduced to circuit training, mountain climbers kicked my arse…so I decided to do them every workout. Now, they are easy and I like them. (funny how that works)

Bring it on, burpees. I WILL MASTER YOU!


2 thoughts on “I will like burpees, I will like burpees…

  1. I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for images for my blog about burpees… and I have to agree with you. Burpees are rough. anyways, thank you for your motivational blog, I recently started working out and well I’m not at the “I love Burpees” stage yet, but will get there.


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