Bob Marley. Beaches. Jerk Sauce.

The three things above make me pretty darn happy. Yeah, I am pretty sure I was Jamaican in a former life.

So, this weekend when my partner in cooking crimes decided to make ribs for our lake getaway, I decided we had to do a Jamaican rub. My family and I have frequented an amazing Jamaican restaurant in Ocean Isle called The Sugar Shack, and we all admit that Chad’s ribs are as good as the Sugar Shacks…but that no other ribs we have had compare. Those two are the best. I searched out many recipes and we found one we think is amazing…plus, all of our ribs disappeared, which is always a good sign.

Here ya go…mon, the iriest!

(I am just posting the link to this recipe, as it serves 832!!! Obviously we scaled it down a LOT, and had a ton left over to even work into a jerk sauce.)

A great recipe from

Once you have made the spice mixture, simply rub onto ribs, chicken or pork and cook as you normally would. I would divulge how to make our ribs here, but we might have to keep that a secret recipe!


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