There is a reason this blog has changed course…

We just returned from the trip to define our lives.
We also have been told now for many years that people want to, and I quote: “live vicariously through you.”
So, why not? Why not write about the things that we do…maybe it will get read, maybe not. But we certainly do live by the motto that this life is fun and we should live it to the fullest.

So here we go! Strap in and hang on! 🙂
This year we wanted to travel somewhere we both had not been.

It was actually fairly easy to decide, as we both had never been to South America. Then, even easier almost was choosing where to go once in the continent. Chad has longed to go to Patagonia to ski, but this year, we decided to take a trip to somewhere just to ‘see’ something and be in awe.

Peru, Cuzco and Machu Picchu were easy choices.
When we started to talk about this trip, we were on a 14 hour return drive from a week of attempting to ski and snowboard through the slush that was Kilington, Vermont. Being in the car that long can make you delirious so I am not entirely sure we started the trip planning with the realization of just exactly what we were doing. We read an almost immediately article in Backpacker magazine. It was hear we decided that an adventure tour, which neither of us had done prior, would be up our alley. It wasn’t hard to find the company we chose, as they popped up first on our Internet search: Pie Peru.

I have read articles in the past about tour groups, and even traveled through the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temples in Egypt with a tour guide, and I was not too keen on one. (My tour guide in Egypt held up a flashlight the entire time we walked through the temples, to which we referred to him as the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and I got irritated when he would not let me stop and stand in awe for a long time at the paintings in the tombs of the Valley of the Kings. I am a kinesthetic and visual learner, so anyone talking to me nonstop never did me any good. I had to experience a place, soak it in…as mentioned by my trek though Egypt. Secondly, the time issue, I was on vacation and didn’t necessarily want anyone telling me when and where I had to be. However, after reading reviews, and seeing all the amazing things we got to do (half of which we didn’t even realize until after we booked with Pie Peru) we were sold.

We immediately began an easy and fun experience of communicating with the tour operators, Katerine and Frederic. We planned our Inca Jungle Trek for four days, all inclusive! I still cannot fathom a better option for traveling through a foreign country with adventure on the side. And after returning, I still cannot believe that we did all that we did on our trek through Peru.

We booked our flights separately, flying one overnight into Lima, having to cash out an expensive nights rest in the ONLY airport hotel at the airport, a Ramada…it was a beautiful, overpriced, yet necessary nights rest, and another flight into Cuzco the following morning.

The Lima airport greeted us early in the morning, after an amazing sleep and breakfast, thankfully provided by our hotel stay at the Ramada. We had a flight to catch with the Lan airlines to take us to Cuzco. I COULD NOT believe we were almost there.

((to be continued…..))


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