There is so much that needs to be spoken of in regard to the amazingness of our recent Peruvian adventure.

One of the first places that comes to mind when I think about Peru is where we stayed one evening during our amazing trek with Pie Peru, the Eco Quechua Lodge near Santa Teresa. (Sauce Pampa | 13 km from Machu Picchu, Santa Teresa, Peru)P1030772

Upon arriving at this location we walked up a flight of stairs near a small convenience store and arrived in the treetops literally. In awe of the entire experience, we wandered around individually taking in the rooms, the view, the fresh bananas, passion fruit and avocados that were bigger than your face.


Walking into our bedroom, we saw a bed covered with mosquito netting and open walls. It was THE treetop stay that I had always wanted to have laid right before my eyes.


Our bed was covered with heavy Andean alpaca blankets, as the cool air wafting up from the rushing river below made the area quite cool during the evening.


Our stay there was met with an excursion to go zipline from mountain top to mountain top, of which I will speak on another day. In the mean time, we relaxed in a treetop lodge where every detail spoke of the desire to remain an eco-friendly lodge.


Dinner was prepared and served for us by the lady of the home, and we met the very friendly owner and chatted while the first course of a squash soup came out for us to taste.

As dinner continued to arrive, we were greeted and kept company by the resident kitten, who we, in poor character, fed from the table. It is ill advised to do that, as it just makes her stick around.


We drank a beer together, toasted to our adventures of hiking that day and gratefully fell into bed around 8:30, for the following day we began our last day of hiking and our first view of Machu Picchu.



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