In the midst of writing about Peru, we have taken a brief adventure to San Francisco area and Tahoe. We arrived and stayed in the Pleasanton area, which is an amazing quaint town just outside the city of San Francisco. Initially I wanted to venture out to the Golden Gate in my own, as Chad had to work, but then I realized Pleasanton was so lovely, so I decided to stick around and enjoy my day here.

I parked on Main Street and walked down to Tully’s to grab an iced coffee and then wandered into Bicycles! and talked about one of my passions with the owner who gave me a screw for my clipin pedals for free!

After, I made an appointment at Fusion 3 to have my hair cut-a much needed service on my selfcut hair and went shopping while I waited for said appointment. I walked into Therapy, a women’s athletic store, a gallery and a consignment shop (links to come soon to each place). I was amazed and completely at home in every shop, making friends that I will return to each visit here.

Later that afternoon, Chad finished work and we headed downtown to the touristy areas.

Having not actually been to the city of SF in years, I wanted to see Lombard Street, the Palace of the Arts ans the Golden Gate. It had also been recommended that we have dinner in Sausolito.


I love California. Having lived here when I was a kid, coming back always instills in me a vibrancy. The constant sunshine, healthy food and minds and the amazing sights set my soul free.

Being able to trek around at our leisure and realizing that midweek tourist spots were significantly less busy.

We hit all the spots I mentioned above and ended up at “The Trident” for dinner. The restaurant is situated in the water, with a view of Alcatraz and the city. Dinner was good and our conversation was warm and light, talking about our new adventure of opening a bed and breakfast and tomorrows trip to Tahoe for a little mountain biking.


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