Regardless of the many adventures that we have abroad and crosscountry. I know Chad and I both prefer home. Yesterday, inspired by home, I cooked three recipes, cleaned and straightened the house and settled back into life my beautiful life in East Tennessee. Today, I am making one recipe. The recipes are including vegetables from my my garden as it was, yet again, out of control; we have been having a monsoon season.


I have to pass on the links to the recipes that I found, as they were all amazing. First, the everyday marinara sauce. I have used this marinara before in many things, and it so easy to make, I cannot wait until my tomatoes come in so that I can make it fully homemade. Yesterday, I used three cans of diced tomatoes. I also don’t like celery at all. So, I cut out the celery and added more of my beautiful homegrown carrots. I do love the mirpoix, but I kind of make it my own by using more carrots and onion than celery, as I don’t have celery on had many times at all (again, refer to my dislike of it…and when I dislike something, I avoid it altogether…like mayonaise!) 😉 I also love using the Clean Eating magazine website, as they always have a recipe for what I need.

LIKE…HELP with my zucchini! I have picked about 6 zucchini that are the massive! I laugh whenever I pick them, as they are out-of-control. I am thinking I might need to join a 4H farming competition at this point.


So, here is recipe number four, Zucchini Apple Bread. I made zucchini muffins with my mammoth zucchini (as they are not good to eat this large unless they are in a recipe…so sadly, no grilling) and they completely disappeared, so I decided to try a bread recipe this morning. They are baking right now, and I am curious at the turnout, as I always tweak recipes. For this recipe, I didn’t want apple, so I added more zucchini (funny, I have a TON!) and used gluten-free wheat. I try always to health-up a recipe or tweak it to my liking.

The other two recipes I tried (numbers two and three in my sequence here) are a healthy granola recipe and a calzone recipe. Both recipes have been added to my ‘make again’ category. The granola recipe was so easy and fast and tastes amazing. I used a blend of steel cut oats and regular oats from Kroger’s new ‘health’ line, added dates and craisins to mine. I ate it for breakfast with Greek yogurt this morning and was in heaven. I also passed this recipe on to my mom, as she is making granola today herself. The calzones were perfect. I have been making my own pizza dough for years, as pizza is admittedly still one of my favorite foods. I have used a recipe that is a whole-grain/wheat recipe, and had frozen a section of it last June. I pulled it out and followed the calzone recipe above and they turned out amazing. Oh, yeah, I also used the marinara recipe in our calzones. Brilliant!


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