There is an adventure that I will never have embarked on enough in my life, that of creating art.

The irony, yet understandability, is that I teach art. So 10 months out of the year, I am attempting to inspire others. When it comes to my own endeavors, I tend to lack in this area.

My neighbor once said, “The cobbler’s kids have no shoes…” and that quote has stuck with me for a long time because it is so applicable to my own life.

Today, however, my dear soul sister came over and we created.


Our conversation started out with a discussion about how we both wish that we could portray a discussion of international views on women. We started out discussing the hijab, and how we would love to paint veiled women, Muslim women, but knew that it is not always considered respectful. (I have been wanting to do this since I lived in the Middle East 12 years ago.) Then, we discussed human trafficking and landed on how there are human trafficking laws that were passed in our home state of Tennessee recently! I am shocked to see that this is a tragedy that is close to home…one that I literally lose sleep at night knowing it is closer to home than I ever thought.


We had no idea. From this article, we were led to more discussions and the website that mentioned a former young girl who escaped the wretchedness that is human trafficking.

There is help here.

From there we discussed how an artist can portray the emotions wrapped up in human trafficking, rape, and other atrocities that some women have had to face in their lives.

How do you paint this?


Without words…

Just using paint and emotion to convey a meaning…


The result is the artwork that you see here. Artwork that involved our discussions, our lives in the past and present – and our souls as women and as earthlings. Our end result brought freedom to our souls, and reminded us that release and peace are attainable to anyone…regardless of what has happened in the past. We both had stories to tell, we all have stories to tell.

Some things define us…whether good or bad, but the ultimate goal was to see through our artwork this day that life keeps on being lived and a Hope that surfaces in the midst of pain.


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