I knew it. I just knew it. Years ago my very wise mom referenced an article on this genetic disposition towards the need for speed, and I believed it then.

Geoff Gulevich, Brandon Semenuk and Ross Measures

After hanging with a group of people that were banged up, bruised and happy from their various adventure-seeking endeavors, I realized…I, too, have the adventure gene. And I’m kind of thrilled about it.

So, in my typical quest for more knowledge, I Googled “adventure gene” and this article popped up.

Ahh, the peace with one’s self one can attain by realizing, Hey, you’re not the only soul out there who thinks that people need more adrenaline in their lives.


This article is very well written, and has a lot of research based backing. It’s saying that yes, indeed, there is a science to those more predisposed to the adrenaline rushes. (Picture the shrug from the teenager saying, “Sorry, Mom, you made me this way”) It’s also very interesting to note that the adverse is true, if you’re an on-the-sofa bon-bon eater and reality t.v. show watcher, then it is more than likely genetically predisposed as well. If you’re running on the adventure gene in life, you may actually be a tad bit anti-emotional in daily living (passive as it may be)…which some people perceive as bad. (I’ve been told, “you just don’t seem to need anyone:…)

The article discusses the dating of the ‘adventure gene’ to back in the times of cave people, around 40,000-50,000 years ago and that it helped with migration. That makes sense, Darwinists, does it not??

To quote some of the article:

Low emotional reactivity is associated with high emotional endurance which can afford physical, emotional and mental resilience in the face of adversity in perilous environments.

It may even be that [the adventure] genotype may be protective against stress, anxiety and depression by moving attention away from emotional adversity, as an analogue to the psychological termof “denial” (Roussos et al. 2009).”

So maybe you get accused of a little misanthropy from time to time. Ah well… it will probably seem worth it when you’re having more fun than everyone else.

I’m kind of diggin’ this guys thought processes and have realized of late how much I am NOT tuning into what my true nature is saying to me.

Play MORE. Smile MORE. Be content with what you have…or change it.

The author has said of his philosophy: In short: eat meat, fruits, and vegetables; exercise without machines; explore the planet under our own power.

He talks a lot about the paleo mindset, and although I’m not giving up my dual suspension Specialized bike, I think we all could use a little back to the basics…

Or at least, a little more adventure in our lives.


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