that’s right. zucchini nachos. for us, this has been the summer of the zucchini. we have grown about 20 zucchinis that ranged in size from 6″-2′! i gave zucchini away the entire month of july and attempted to create unique recipes utilizing our bumper crop.

i also have enough frozen zucchini to last us until the apocalypse.

Grilled-Zucchini-Nachos-7this past week yielded two more zucchini and we were actually quite happy as we had given so much away that we had not had zucchini in over three days. 😉

so, i found this recipe. and this past week, my first week back teaching, this is what we had. amazing. the flavors worked so well together. we did several things differently, of course. we baked the zucchini with a hatch green chili given to us as a parting gift from chuy’s restaurant. the flavors blended so well together. we also added meat and tons of avocado. our end result looking something like this:

2013-08-17 09.29.26

we decided this one is for the books. and i’ve decided i need to learn how to increase the vividness of my photographs!

i am not taking any credit for this invention. i give it all up to these chefs at two peas & their pod. (their blog is great, i’ve used several of their recipes now.)


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