What’s SUP?!?!

(Okay, you groan, as if that’s not been used before, but I could not resist).

This past summer a close, adventurous friend and I decided to try standup paddle boarding. We went to a local lake and battled our ridiculous summer of rain. (The last I heard we were 19″ above average!)

At our PaddleFit class, we were asked to do burpees off the board and into the lake, pushups on the board and more recently monkey arms and mountain climbers. It was insane!

Yet…calming-ly, paddling the rivers and lakes in Knoxville, we both encountered a giant sense of wonder. We are quickly falling in love with this sport.

SUPing is currently a huge ‘popular’ sport gaining so much attention that boards sell from $550-$2000! I would pick up a board at any moment. As would my friend. However, at that price, we will wait for the ‘fad’ to end…and our muscles to recover. If you’ve not been yet, you definitey need to give it a try. Being out in the smooth water watching your city go by is a wonderful expereince–and you burn about 500-700 calories per hour!

OH! We CANNOT publish this post without giving credit to the amazing and fun staff at Billy Lush in Knoxville.


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