Now, a few years ago, I had never water-anythinged on a lake.

I have surfed, yes, and it is my soul’s sport, unquestionably. But, I never grew up doing sports behind a boat on a lake. No waterskiing. No wakeboarding. Not even riding a tube down a lake.

Intro the wakeboard into my life.


It was a natural progression for me having learned to carve the snow and to carve the water with a surfboard to want to hop on a wakeboard and cruise around the lake. So last summer, with the help of a wonderful family and their beautiful children and of course, Chad, I wakeboarded.

It was amazing to feel the boat pull you up and to glide across the water. The crew that I was with last summer spent all morning trying to help me get up, and between all of them talking, I never got a clue about how to do it. All the pointers were just rolling around in my head. Finally, J.D said to everyone, ‘let’s just leave her alone.’ I agreed. And I wakeboarded. I have always been that way. Upon given tons and tons of advice, I end up having nothing but a confused noggin. However, shush and let me try, and I usually do just fine. Thanks. 🙂

This summer, we bumped into a documentary crew while out one night in downtown Knoxville. What are the odds? We became instant friends and spent several evenings picking their brains about the process, what they were doing, and their vision for their documentary. The idea they have is to film professional wakeboarders on a South American trip and to ask them not to post via social media their whereabouts or keep up with their fans.


I just wanted to go to South America and play in the water for the next six months!

They were the nicest crew, the happiest bunch, and so down to earth. They were 10 years younger than me and full of life and I was and still am supremely jealous of the adventure they are on currently. I cannot wait until they return and I can watch the result of their times filming on the water.

I just have to interject now and say that I feel so lucky to be a part of such a rich thing called LIFE. Everyday truly is an adventure for me.

Back to wakeskating. This past summer, I had the opportunity to hit the lake two more times. I wakeboarded until my hands cramped the first time and the second time, a wakeskate was introduced.

The documentary crew had told us about this…you wakeboard without bindings on a wide looking skateboard. You wear Vans looking shoes and skate on the water.

No bindings?!

I could not wait to try.


The most difficult thing in wakeskating is simply holding onto the board until the boat takes off at full throttle. However, we learned quickly to taxi the boat until it you have everything situated and THEN ‘gun-it.’ The force of the boat literally pulls you upward (I learned quickly from a friend of mine who is an amazing wakeboarded and incidentally introduced us to the wakeboarding film crew.) Other than two very chopped up ankles, from the grip tape on the board, we had a blast on the lake and learned another sport to add to our adventuring repertoire!


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