I have been hosting ‘art nights’ for quite some time now. They have evolved from my college days of sitting around with three art students and creating with masking tape, to a bit of a sips and strokes theme to the current working alongside of a personality that is very similar in my own in our inner workings and desire to create.

To me, art is one of the greatest adventures.


When choosing a path for a career in college–which is always so tricky–you are so young–I chose art because I felt it was something that would always challenge me.

Unlike many people whom I sat with in my art practice classes in college, I was not a natural born artist.

Over the years, I have S L o w L Y come to accept that yes indeed, I am an artist. It still makes me swerve to see that written.
BUT, that is quite the reason why I continue to do what I do…plugging along at the drawing board. Literally.

This past Monday, my friend and I sat down to create on roofing paper. She had seen this on an arts conference website and wanted to try it. She always has the best new things to try.

The results are beautiful, bold and very similar to molas. I love the big, free, colorful results of our work. (Hers being the lizard, and mind of course the mountains and a little Mayan dude….I’m kinda missing South America right now.)

The link we researched to see the soap resist process and some examples is here: http://artfulartsyamy.blogspot.com/2013/02/how-to-soap-resist-video-and-project.html

During our evening we discussed many things, including personalities found by the Meyers-Briggs tests, and how best to delve into creating art that explodes with our inner selves and passions. We both are classically trained artists, but we may both also be lacking in the ‘how to’ push that past simply the knowing of art and into the actual creating process.It definitely takes a brave soul to communicate in this manner and I feel several artists DO create in this manner….Munch for example of a Classic artist…but yet how to create the inner workings of people and their passions with an added glimmer of hope…as Munch’s works are definitely without that aspect.

Ahhh, these musings shall continue…for now, I’m off to grab my paintbrush!



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