Forget Spring Fever, I get FALL Fever.

Several times a year, but mostly in the fall, I get a massive urge to just drive past work and never stop until I reach the ocean, or a massive mountain, or a river. ANYTHING other than the monotony that is the 9-5 work day.

I need the outdoors, I need adventure, freedom, adrenaline, I need sights and sounds and people that feel the same way. It gets a bit edgy for me, almost like an itch that won’t go away.

However, there is something inside of me that will always remain scrambling around trying to feel a release…

This year, as with most falls, I want most of all to hit up a beach and the surf that surrounds it. I want to face waves as they crash around me, paddle out and paddle out and paddle out some more. I want to feel the rush as I catch the wave and move onward with the wave.

There isn’t a feeling like it in the world. It’s total bliss and total at-one-ness with life and with your soul.

Kinda hippy-new-aged? Yeah, it may sound that way, but it most certainly isn’t. It’s a true metaphor for being at one with your self and the universe. It’s peace. It’s contentment. If you’ve surfed, you know. I have nothing more I can say to describe it.

As a title of a Tennessee Williams play is lesser known as, “A Prayer for the Wild at Heart Locked in Cages” is how I certainly feel during this time….an ‘itch’ that is longing for release…

Luckily, I have my mountain bike and my trusty sidekick in adventure awaiting me tonight…

And that will do just fine.


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