The dj Pretty Lights.

He first released a song that you probably recognize:

or at least the sampled part…

And then he did this:

Which we recently experience live in Nashville. At first, I was skeptical. I am a die hard dubstep fan. DIE hard. When a friend of mine recommended that we go and see the show, my fiancĂ© immediately bought tickets. I listened to the album, which you can get here on the Pretty Lights site…and I was not sure what the ‘brilliance’ was that my friend was referring to in her reference to his music.

Not sure at all.

Sure, the music was jammy, great background music. However, I was not sold and went back to listening to my more traditional faves (Bassnectar, Skrillex, etc.).


What we experienced in Nashville was unlike anything I have ever been a part of and the entire evening opened up my eyes. The color. The lights. The vibrance. The life emitting from all around me. It was a massive group of individuals that were collectively happy and moving in their own way. There were people in flannel, people in tights, people in next to nothing, people with ‘tails,’ an entire Native American tribe, a giant hotdog…it was something else.

Pretty Lights brilliantly mixed beats collided with a sampling of music from the blues and mixed with a lot of soul from a horn section on stage. We danced and played with hula hoops for about 4 hours…and left happy and satisfied.

I came home and immediately started hulahooping myself and have added a lot of color to my wardrobe in a matter of days. And my soul feels as if it has found another place to play on this planet.

And, that’s a good feeling.


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