I was told it was epic.
I use that word sparingly, as I definitely think that epicness is reserved for things few and far between, not the norm. For example, my coffee this morning is not epic. AND, it is definitely something that is life changing. I could insert the definition of epic here, to prove my point, but I’m not going to do that.

I also was sceptical when the websites kept comparing things to Moab.

Who does that without fear of backlash from some dirtheads?
2013-11-16 09.12.39
Dupont Mountain Biking was epic.

The community of Brevard is an area I would relocate to tomorrow, if it weren’t for the fact that Chad thinks there isn’t enough snow East and would prefer a move to Alaska instead. However, it is a small community where mountain biking and hiking dominate daily life. I like the sound of that. It consumes all that the Brevardians do, from owning a little soda shop (the owner followed me around the store asking me what trails we rode that morning, good trail food, see here: http://ddbullwinkels.com/Rockys/) to the sculptures everywhere that were shaped like bicycles and bicycle cogs and gears.

Since I have a MILD obsession with mountain biking it would be a natural relocation.

Minus the snow of course, there just isn’t enough for Chad to go heliskiing.

So, we will remain living in our beloved Knoxville, but direct you to mountain bike in Dupont from time to time. As with us, it is a nice break, and definitely some of the best mountain biking we have hit here in the South.
Some good links:


A definite bike shop stop where you can pick up gear, chat trails, and have a cold one when you’re finished to talk about how epic your ride truly was that day: http://www.thehubpisgah.com/

This video had us at slickrock:

Going to advise that you pick up a map, as it is a HUGE park. Luckily, my cousin had one, to which he advised us quite well…



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