I awoke this a.m. at 3:30, unable to sleep due to the excitement that was 2013 and replaying events in my head. Being that we are in a social media age, I dutifully recounted my year via Instagram and Facebook (who kindly did the work for me).


It started with me doing “falling leaves” down slopes in North Carolina and ended with several black diamond runs on the slopes in West Virginia.


And, sandwiched between all of that are more adventures than I can contain. Mountain bikes dominate with paddleboarding, wake skating, hang gliding, Appalachian Trail hiking, autocross racing and climbing all following close behind.

All of this wonderfulness I blame entirely on my fiancé, and I must insert here that we also were engaged this year in Peru at the tip top of Machu Picchu!!


Well, almost all of it. The good news is, as I was stumbling, awestruck through my amazing year, I found photos of me B.C.(before Chad) mountain biking, climbing and snowboarding. (SO grateful I’m no girlfriend chameleon.)

I decided to bake some semi-gluten free semi-vegan banana bread with the remaining banana s from my families first skip-presents-&-go-play Christmas and muse about a bit…

If 2013 brought forth all of this goodness, what in the ☆☆☆☆ will 2014 bring?!

For starts, two weddings. Chad’s beautiful cousin and dear friend of ours was engaged over Thanksgiving and we are going to celebrate their marriage as much as ours this year. With upcoming mountain biking today, snowboarding Utah in February and then Tahoe again possibly in March….already I’m jittery with excitement!

As I ponder, I know there are other amazong things to happen down the road that I am traveling. Most of all, I am fortunate enough to have my newly forming family along side of me

And many beautiful friends that have joined in my adventures, both you, my fellow readers, and of course those nearby


On that cheerful note, I wish you and yours a truly adventurous year filled with EPICness, laughter and good health!


The semi-gluten free and semi- vegan banana bread is done! Yum

(Here’s the linkhttp://vegetarian.about.com/od/breakfastrecipe1/r/bananabread.htm to that recipe…I only add the terms semi, because we’ve been out of the house for almost 2 weeks and currently only have semi-gluten and semi-vegan products at the house.)


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