I had never before seen stalagmite icicles until we trekked to our soon to be purchased cave on our soon to be purchased property.

We are about to close on 18 acres of wilderness in South Knoxville.

The idea of owning so much land is amazing AND intimidating. The ideas of what to do with this land: which include the cave, a pasture, prime mountain bike land and even some boulders to climb…well, it almost makes my head explode.


This past weekend we hiked the perimeter of the property and cut pathways through often extremely dense undergrowth. My machete skills started to get pretty good yesterday.

No joke. I carried a machete. One that Chad bought me for our 1st anniversary.  He knows me pretty well.

Today, home again from school, I hiked out with the dogs or check on the snow and what “my” rocks looked like slightly snowcovered.


I want to boulder here so badly, but definitely slide down the hill that is caked in mud currently. I will have to wait for drier times.

What does one do with land like this? I want desperately to share it with others, with kids, with people who love the outdoors as much as I do.

We have been in touch with two local places that are willing to help us turn some of our land into a protected and play filled area. I am excited about the possibilities that this can bring for us in the future!


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