Three extra days I have been on vacation.

Most of the time, I would jump at this opportunity! Go play! Mountain bike! Snowboard! Hike!

But at subzero temps neither I nor the dogs ventured out much at all, and every time we did, we were met with a blast of what I suppose was the coldest day this year…and with temperatures that honestly should be those reserved solely for Wisconsin and Antarctica.

The first day, I hiked with the puppies in the morning, to check out our newly navigated property where we will be playing. We were happily jaunting through the snow covered forest. It was a good day.


The second day, I was a bit stir crazy, attempted to walk to my car, parked at the top of the hill due to my non4wheel driving machine, and legs slipped out from under me completely and hit the ice covered cement. Flat on my leftside. I limped for the rest of the day. I laughed, for how could I, so graceful on my snowboard, fall this way on FLAT concrete? It was funny.

Then, in an attempt to get outside and drive, I opened the garage from inside of my car, to keep myself warm, backed up too quickly and hit the garage door.


I had heard other stories of people doing this, and was pretty sure that wouldn’t be me. (Chad said it was a rite of passage to hit the garage door…?)

See what snowed/colded in can do to a soul?

My previous smooth way of sliding through life was left behind due to suffering from the inability to play outside. -sarcasm

Today, when I realized that I was going to be out again, I made a plan. I would meet Chad out for a predinner drink, and lure him home with rosemary crusted lamb chops, roasted brussel sprouts, and a tres leches cake. Three previously untried recipes.


I started the day out by scrubbing the house, trekked to the grocery store, prepped all the food, did a tough mudder workout, showered, and even had time to sit down and rest for 30 minutes.

The three recipes that I chose were ones that I have previously not made. I am especially proud of the brussel sprouts, which have become a joke in our family. Growing up, it was the only vegetable I would literally gag at and attempt to hide around the outside of my dinner plate, when mom served them.


They were amazing recipes!

The cake, well, I’d email you a piece if I could, as there is more cake than I know what to do with remaining (this would be an easy/fun recipe for a Cinco de Mayo party of many people). The brussel sprouts, I downed, and was thrilled. Mogul even got one, as it launched off my plate…this time unintentionally and onto the floor.


And the lamb…amazing recipe.


We started at Crown and Goose just in time to catch one of our fave bands, Frog and Toad start playing. They play every Wednesday, it’s a sure win for a date night.


Needless to say, we remained warm and happy on this survival day.

Score one.

Garage 3…


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