I did pretty good avoiding skiing for a long time, somehow managing to gracefully escape trips with the youth group and I didn’t touch it through college. Then, I found myself in Nevada one year for Christmas, and the family I was staying with decided to go ski. YAY!

(Oh no.)

I found myself panting with stress at the mountain that day, falling at the bottom of the lift line, pulling others with me. (I am not joking, this really happened.)

Two monumental things happened that day. The first happened riding up the lift. I was recounting the result of the last time I exited a lift in the mountains of North Carolina, and the pile of bodies that lay beneath me, so instead of exiting the lift with my group, I stayed on the lift as it went around.

Yes, I did that. And when I saw the looks on the faces of those below me, waiting for me, I realized, uh oh. I was going to have to ride all the way down the hill!? They were there, waiting for me quizzically. So, I did what came instantly to my head and scooted forward, both poles in one hand and prepared to jump off the lift.

Thankfully, I was yelled at by everyone on the mountain, “DON’T JUMP!” I slid back onto the chair and waited as they reversed the lift just for me. I was mortified. My group laughed, I wanted to die. The entire mountain reverberated with the words, “DON’T JUMP!” for the rest of the afternoon. I hated it. I hated the mountain. I hated skiing.

However, this is when the second monumental thing happened. I was riding up the lift later, why I kept trying to do this sport I have no idea but, as I rode I looked down and there smattered about the mountain were girls aplenty on snowboards.
As I watched them, I realized, They have only ONE piece of equipment to worry about…a board. No two skis no two poles for impaling others or self with…just a board.

This magical thing happened.

I was done skiing. I would snowboard. It looked simple enough, it looked bada**, too. Girls had their hair flowing and they were so very chill as they gracefully hung out on the mountain. (Now, I realize I never saw a girl actually RIDING a snowboard, they were just hanging out on the mountain, sitting on the ground with their boards blocking the way of oncoming ski/ride traffic.)

(This is kind of the look the girls had snowboarding that day, sorta kumbayah on the trail and all.)

It was a good day. I couldn’t wait. I was rejuvenated after my ski day. Well, my ski survival day.


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