‘In spring, at the end of the day, one should smell like dirt,’ -M. Atwood

It is time to ride. More.

Last night I hit a personal fastest record on my mountain bike that I am super proud of. I am NOT notoriously fast at all when I ride, or run. But I finish and I ride it again and again. I’ve always had a competitive spirit with myself and, with the crew of boys I was hanging around with at any given moment. Ask my brother,  dad, fiancé. I still wanna be faster than them.

I’m not usually. 🙂

It’s still my challenge.

When I ride with other women, it’s more that I want us to both be at the same pace and encouraging each other. This is why I am crap at races. I want us all to help each other! I find this funny and it’s probably why our volleyball team always kicked a**.

Having a goal is fun. However, getting home from a speedy mountain bike ride and realizing you’ve shaved 4 minutes off your time–when you weren’t trying that hard.

That’s rewarding.

(I will note here that there were some newbies on bikes – two men – that I outrode. That was fun and perhaps was a bit of motivation.)

I still don’t know if a race will be in my future at all for mountain biking…but what I do know is that I will ride.




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