In 2006, I actively started practicing yoga. I remember doing yoga earlier in life and being bored with it, but after a traumatic experience it seemed only natural to fall into the healing and restoration that yoga can provide. I also took a quiz offered up by Yoga Journal online to find out what type of yoga would be best for me. Since I am quite an adventure junkie (I know you are surprised by my statement of this), Vinyasa Flow/Power yoga was a perfect fit.

I stumbled upon yoga teacher, Dave Farmar, and started listening to his podcast and learning about the oves that make up his yoga practice. At one point, I was doing yoga every single day.

It was restorative and helped me through hard times. It also was surprisingly making my upper body super strong (doing plank pose frequently throughout a flow class). I also have conquered some pretty amazing arm balances, headstand and working now on handstand. The strength it takes to hold these poses is unreal!

This past week, several friends and I discussed some pretty heavy issues and all of us decided we needed more yoga (I currently was the only person engaged in yoga at all–the other two friends had never done yoga consistently). I recommended vinyasa to a friend who liked to move with her workouts and for another friend I recommended a Gaiam video that was more gentle and slow for her body.

I enjoy yoga so much that I am contemplating a yoga teaching certification. I definitely think that more yoga could be done in my life, more gentleness could pour out of me and more mindfulness be applied to my daily life.

Regardless of where you are in your workouts or life, yoga definitely teaches stability, strength, balance and peace. I did a great workout today by a new yoga teacher I stumbled upon during researching how to create my own yoga sequence (to be tackled soon!) and her information and free videos are here.



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