Last month, dear cousins of ours got married. For their wedding gift we decided to give them a weekend retreat to our home that included prepared and cooked meals, a night out for just the two of them (they have an 8 year old) and a place to rest and rejuvenate. The details were up to them…they simply had to travel here and then decide what they would like to do. We are lucky enough to offer options as to the type of adventures that could be had and we live in a place where we feel we are on vacation most of the time–if not all of the time. This is just what both of them needed after a recent wedding and family and friends around nonstop. This was an opportunity to provide a true bed and breakfast experience to others.

Our guests arrived late Friday evening on July 3rd and I was already asleep. The following morning, we prepared Sky High Blackberry Muffins, over easy eggs, Bloody Mary’s and coffee. It was a hit.

After our late breakfast, we all went down to the pool. I led my first yoga session for another person, who was so willing to be my first! We did a bikram yoga routine and then I taught arm balances. Our guest was already very accustomed to yoga and the balances were learned easily and quickly, even with Chad jumping in to do some.


While we did yoga the boys played and relaxed in the pool and the weather warmed and got even more beautiful as the minutes passed slowly on – as they do in the summertime.


After our day at the pool, we took our ATV’s and rode down to the cave with everyone – cruising through the blackberry patches. Then, we realized we were late for our 4th of July party, aptly named “Explodathon.” We trekked up to my cousin’s house for an evening of grilling and fireworks that was unmatched in Knoxville. The grand finale included two rows of pvc cut and hand-built firework launchers created by my cousin’s husband and his good buddy. It was a total awe filled evening.


The next day, our guest wanted to go for a run, so we were headed to my favorite spot to run currently-the Urban Wilderness. First, we filled up on Brioche French Toast (no recipe needed-Chad doesn’t need one for this delicacy) topped with Black Raspberry preserves (created by Chad and myself) and a side of crispy bacon. It was heavenly! We all took off to the sunflower lined trails-the boys hiking the tough quarry traverse while we ran our 4 miles.


Afterwards, the weather was warming up tremendously, so we all jumped off the rock into the quarry, joining many other like-minded souls.


For lunch upon our return, we did a tray of veggies, meats and hummus. Laying by the pool for the remainder of the afternoon. We read, played, and did more yoga poses, I got my first pose of Fallen Angel…as part of the IndependenceARMy challenge on my Instagram posts.


For dinner, Chad and I watched their boy while the two went out to Market Square downtown. We ate nothing prepared by us that evening…but we all had a lovely time.

The next day it was granola parfaits, smoothies and farewells. Chad and I ended our day with mountain biking and another dip in the pool. I made a new recipe using the abundance of blackberries that we have and Chad is relaxing on our sofa.

We are blessed.
We are lucky.
We love sharing our life and home with others.

This is why I have fervently contemplated opening a retreat, a yoga center, or a bed and breakfast. We have a paradise in our backyard. If this weekend is any clue as to how it could go–then we definitely would see success. (Our guest also called our home a ‘camp’ for grownups. Truly a getaway retreat.)


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