Word is spreading…we like to host people in a ‘getaway’ kind of environment. This weekend was our second try at this endeavor that may just in fact turn into a retreat of sorts for tired, stressed, and those who just love the quiet.

My dear friend of over 10 years decided to come and get away from her busy days filled with a part time job, a full time job as a mom of two energetic boys and the wife to a hysterical, fun friend of ours. She came in on Friday night to a dinner of Pesto Genovese from Trader Joe‘s, fresh green beans, garden tomatoes and sourdough bread. Our friend is quite an avid bread maker herself and she was content with dinner this evening. I admit, it was not a difficult meal, shared over a bottle of Prosecco and amazing conversation. After dinner, a fresh blackberry pie from Food and Wine magazine was served topped with Graeter’s Vanilla ice cream. This meal was admittedly easy, even the delicious pie with blackberry’s from our backyard. 

We all sat down and read our books as the sound of a heavy rainfall lulled us into peacefulness.

The following day met with a trip to a bookstore, a purchasing of more books and an figure drawing and portrait drawing art lesson taught by yours truly. I pondered how I had taught yoga the last time we had company and how I was teaching art this time, I truly do enjoy sharing the things I love with others, and again, started to contemplate getting my yoga certification …someday!

After freshly made sandwiches, my friend and I did a workout consisting of walking, muscle building, and of course, yoga. The rain had finally stopped and we went outdoors, and toured the land that we live on, listening to the water pour into the cave and eating blackberries on the way.

We actually went out to dinner for sushi (a meal I have not tried to make at home) at Nama downtown and toured around Market Square. We shared a growler of Harpoon UFO, more great conversation and ended our day reading.


Today we ventured out to Cru downtown for one of the best brunches we have had in a long time. We then big our guest farewell and onward to her family. 

Again, this was a wonderful weekend-less cooking on our behalf and yet it was full. Good food, good drink, rest and friendship tend to follow at our home, and in our lives. We consider ourselves very lucky to be the hosts of such amazing and grateful guests and hope that our home will continue to provide others with retreat.


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