After the revelation that I wanted to be a snowboarder, I took to the hill a few years later (it happens that I live in the East Coast-where snow is little and icy) and while everyone got their ski rentals on, I went straight to rent a snowboard and boots. We were at Sugar Mountain, and I was with my brother (a very good skiier) and two other friends of his-both decent skiers.

I strapped on my board after lacing up my boots, and headed down the bunny slope-1,000 times that day. My brother told me later that he heard my laughter halfway up the ski-lift. (I take that as a good sign.) I fell approximately as many times as I went down the bunny slope. However, it felt like ME. Snowboarding felt more me than skiing EVER did. It was a natural thing, I suppose, being drawn to yoga and surfing, that something that required more balance would right. At lunch, my brother asked me to go to the top of the runs with him. Again, this was my absolute FIRST TIME on a snowboard….circa 2007ish. I agreed, as I was feeling pretty stoked at this point.

Down we went, I cannot remember exactly how I got down the mountain, except I am pretty sure that I went STRAIGHT down the mountain…no edge whatsoever. I survived. I remember being concerned about the narrowness of the top of the mountain, and wondering why it was always so GRAY in the east during winter.

Post downward ascent, we drove into Johnson City to meet up with our cousins for a holiday gathering at a restaurant. I felt worn, bruised, but exhilarated. At lunch with my cousins, my brother told everyone that I was a natural.

I will be honest, when my brother pays me a compliment, I take it entirely to heart. I felt like an EXPERT SNOWBOARDER. I found a snowsport I knew I was going to embrace! This is how I felt:

In reality, although I had no idea, I was lightyears away from reaching TRUE snowboarding skills…


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