Today, with the man of my dreams, I journey to South Africa.

This has been a 21 year trip in the making. How the steps were created for this voyage are a beautiful story that requires a telling. On May 10, 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected as the President of ZA. On the very same day, in a small town in East Tennessee, I gave a speech in English class about his life, legacy, heroism and he abolishing of apartheid. I considered it fate.

A year prior, I had watched intenesely, The Power of One, a fictional tale with Morgan Freeman, and I was inspired. Apartheid was not taught in my public high school and I could not imagine the atrocity of such a thing. It was beyond my understanding that one race could punish and enslave another. From that moment on, the remainder of my high school and college careers I spent writing about human injustices.

In college, while serving dinner as a volunteer at one function, I found out that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu was speaking in the same place. A man gave me his name badge to sneak in and I met the gentle, kind soul.

This journey has brought me to the flight I am sitting on heading to a country I have dreamt of visiting. While at River Sports today, Katie asked if I was going to blog about my travels. I hadn’t even considered that, as I  had packed my traditional pen and paper. However, the more I considered it, the more I thought her idea was brilliant. Thanks, Katie!! ♡

The people, land, wildlife and culture of ZA are in my soul and our adventure is truly beginning.

There could have been no other to accompany on this trip than my husband, partner and fellow adventurer, Chad.



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