Today, we arose early, looking for a big mountain biking adventure. We met Mike at a shop north of downtown and rode to the top of Table Mountain with our rain jackets, hoping the 60% chance of rain would change its mind. We took off on Giant hardtail bikes down the road and then veered off into jeep trials. The rain met us and we were grateful for having brought our coats.


As the ride went on, it rained harder and harder and harder…and we were getting soaked and cold. The mountain bike trails were not our single track from back home and we were not accustomed to the jostling that went with a hardtail bike down a very bumpy  jeep trail. *oh tragic, we rode bikes on Table Mountain in South Africa and it was rain and we were on hardtail bikes….waaaa, poor you guys…*
We get it. What ensued was a change of plans and a ride through the Company Gardens, which housed the President’s house, multiple museums and and the legislative office of South Africa (we even peeked into a meeting!) No pictures sadly, as my camera was completely wet!

After leaving our guide, squishing rivers of water out of the vents in our shoes, literally, we warmed up and then took off for a drive. Our goal was to hike Lion’s Head and visit the local beaches. The trip to the beach was divine, as the more saltwater that I can breathe into my lungs, the increasingly better I feel.


Again, I could move here…the shore felt similarly to California and I felt pleasantly at home. Later, we attempted a hike up Lion’s Head, which is meant to be a quicker (1 hour) route to the top of Table Mountain. However, we literally could not see 100 yards in front of us, and night was falling quickly.


So, we opted to turn around. As we drove off, the signs to Table Mountain said the mountain was closed.
All in all, it was a very good ATTEMPT at being adventerous!! We rested well and cozy in our hotel room from the days adventures.
My heart is truly full in this beautiful, diverse land, and I am thrilled to be am part of this rich culture, currently. I am excited to report that the minute wildlife that we have observed will no doubt get lumped into our upcoming animal safaris…and that the food of South Africa will require another post entirely!
For now, I leave you with this thought, not but 20 years ago, this country was emancipated from apartheid. Yet, today, I saw cultures living and dwelling harmonious. Words are written that crime is horrid and danger is eminent, and yet we have been safe and happy. Tonight we sat as the only whites in an all black restaurant, and we were treated greatly.
Our racial problems in the United States are making news, daily, sadly, but we must, we must  continue onward and upward, forever promoting equality and justice.


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