Today, we took off towards our next stop, Camp Fig Tree near Add Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We said goodbye, admittedly with sadness, to the crew at Botlierskop. We had been treated so excellently and both were going to miss the reserve, the staff and the free range animals.


However, we had a five hour drive ahead of us and knew more adventures lie ahead. We drove towards Port Elizabeth on what is known as the Garden Route, and enjoyed our drive immensely. The landscape was ever-changing and provided much interest.


From the enticing Indian Ocean to the roaming ostrich, we were never short of being in awe. Prior to leaving Cape Town, I downloaded all of the episodes of the first season from a podcast called,’Serial,’ and we finished them today. We admit that the story did not end the way we had hoped, but we will just leave you, the reader, to decide what is your opinion on the season.
It might be important to share here that we ate Steers for lunch today on our trek. Steers is a fast food joint we have seen floating around South Africa, and I told Chad I would eat there over McDonald’s or KFC. It was definitely fast food. It was an adventure eating there. Probably one we will not repeat, either. But nevertheless, we tried it!


Once entering the Eastern Cape, our GPS took us into the small town of Addo. We drove along a pothole-filled road and soon realized the trusty GPS was taking us the wrong way. We found the other Camp FigTree  and started up into the mountains. We drove down and up, up, up on a gravel road {always fun doing that} and reached the top, where we were greeted by Mike. Soon after filling out our reservation form, Mike had to leave and Simba and another porter helped us to our rooms.


Simba, being super friendly, told us about the camp and what to expect, which was also written in a book for us. We were advised not to walk around anywhere alone {as buffalo roam the area} and that dinner was around 7:30. We were also advised that the entire area is run on generator, which turns off at 10 p.m. in the evening. It also goes off during daytime hours, which we had heard before, to conserve power. This is going on throughout the Cape, and was also mentioned at Botlierskop. Most area guest houses and resorts are combating it by using a generator during those hours. However, we were lucky, as the power came on early today and would be on for the remainder of the evening.
And then, they left. The room is quaint and has a stellar view, but we felt somewhat abanodoned…partially because we hadn’t planned on eating dinner that evening with the rest of the guests {we decided to take a break from the four course meals} and partially because we literally had nothing going on between 5 o’clock in the evening and 8 a.m. the following morning. Our rooms were also a walk from the main house and we were just a bit confused. Around 6, we walked to the restraint area and talked with one of the workers who told us two insightful tips: one, he had never seen nor heard of the Buffalo while staying at Camp FigTree and two, the rangers at Addo Elephant Park would give us great help in the park tomorrow and that we could take a really long tour tomorrow. He also mentioned he liked wrestling and John Cena, when he found out we were from the States. 🙂


To end our evening, we dined on pb&j’s while reading and I caught up on these posts. It really has been a cosy evening and we are starting to relax a bit. I admit, we do not have activities planned, and the thought of liunging about all day around an area of sofas aounded miserable to the pair of us theill-seekign souls. Gratefully, we had wifi and donloaded maps and possible activities for our next four days in and aroind Addo Elephant Park. The beds at Camp FigTree  are ever so comfortable and we are excited to start our next days!



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