When we woke up it had rained. And rained.

and rained.

Driving around Addo Elephant Park, the poor zebra were soaked. We saw not much more than this guy, attempting to buckle down and survive the rain.


We decided that we needed an alternative plan for this rainy day. Chad found the Volkswagen Museum and Plant about 30 minutes away, so we took off in the drizzle. We arrived and were told that the plant tours were finished for the day and we’re in fact booked for the following two days! For R10, we paid to go into the museum. This museum paid homage to the South African branch of VW. I felt a bit of a sense of pride, being a former VW Beetle owner. My parents and brother also own VWs. It was interesting to read and interact with the museum. We got to draw and Chad and I both played some of the video games.

It took up a large chunk of our afternoon and we returned happy and spent. I would definitely recommend the plant tour, even though we did not get to go…it sounded really cool. {Plus, I have to be honest, a lot of the things at the VW Museum were broken 😦 .} However, we still kept ourselves thoroughly entertained!



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