Today we set off to hike the 7km Dassie Trail of the Woody Cape Section at Add National Park. After out typical English Breakfadt, we drove an hour to reach another section of the SANS  Park. Add is broken into several differing areas, not just the Main Camp, with the animal safari. We wanted to hike again as the hike the day before had proven to be a much needed adventure.
Upon arriving, we found that the coastal trial, 26 km Alexandria, was closed due to maintenence , so we stuck with the original plan of hiking the Tree Dassie trail. It should be noted that a Dassie is a small, shy mammal, which we never did encounter. Nor did we encounter any monkey, or snake, but a ton of spiderwebs, which we cleared out successfully for the next hikers.


The trail is well marked, mostly, we small Dassie signs and the map we received from the reception proved pretty accurate. The trail was an easy two hour hike and we felt very refreshed afterwards. We did spot a Knysna Track with its funny hat on, but were unable to capture a photo of him as he took off when we arrived.


After the hike, we decided to explore more, as I was dying to get to the Indian Ocean. This girl loves the saltwater and sand!
After a confusing set of directions and an accidental  drive through a dairy farm, we arrived at what we hoped was the entrance to reach the beach and the dunes, still a part of Addo National Park.


We packed up sandwiches and water and hiked for an unsure fifteen minutes next to the sound of the waves, with sand underfoot. Surely this was the way to the shore, we both optimistically commented again and again.


Finally, an upward set of Trex stairs led us to this breathtaking view of this solitary beach.


We were stoked. I was completely excited beyond words, as it was out first trip to the Indian Ocean. We ate our lunch and then ran barefoot down the dunes to the water.


The water, though freezing, felt incredible and we were rejuvenated being in this coastal environment. Seriously breathtaking, solitude.


We played on the shore, walking, digging, rolling on the dunes {well, I did}


and talking. Over the course of the past few days, I have come to really cherish this quality time I have shared with my new husband on our honeymoon. We have had many adventures, many fabulous conversations, laughed a lot and just been really relaxed. It has been just what we have needed.
We walked along the shore for over an hour and then came upon the vertebrae of a whale!


It was just our amazing luck! It was huge and we felt quite in awe of the idea that a whale had died and been washed ashore here. Or, had washed ashore and died here. Either way, we felt, as usual, that the stars constantly align to tell our story. Every little thing truly is perfect.

dunes at Woody Cape

As we headed out, the trail’s gate was closed {we could open it, however} and the farm had also locked their gates, as they moved cattle from one part of the farm to another. We had to move a couple of fences to get out. It made it feel a bit as if we were tresspassing, but we waved and smiled at the farmer and all seemed okay.


It was another perfect South African day. Tomorrow, we take an eight hour drive back towards Cape Town, stopping in Gansbaai for our last big adventure…which I shall post on after it occurs. 🙂


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