I believe I have told my story of how yoga found me.

Now, I have been privileged enough to take my journey within yoga to a new level: Yoga Teacher Training.

For about three years now, I knew that this was a journey that I wanted to take, not necessarily as an end result to teach yoga, but more as a head first dive into something I love so much. I admittedly love to research a particular subject that I am fond of, getting all the details. I would no doubt be a professional student, were that possible.

At the end of September, I started my training. It is a weekend-long session happening until April. There are approximately ten books to read, four props to purchase and of course, a good, sturdy yoga mat. It was an investment, but already it has been worthwhile, as I have been able to bring home several of the poses for my family. I also taught my first group led class to my husband, my cousin and his girlfriend last weekend! They thanked me profusely, but I realized quickly into the session that I have a LOT to learn.

Good thing I have seven months to do it in!

The first homework that we had included several readings and drawings of poses, practicing daily and a work on the first two limbs of yoga, the yamas and the niyamas. The yamas are the guideposts to how we approach life, there are five yamas.

  1. ahimsa – nonharming
  2. satya – truthfulness
  3. asteya – nonstealing
  4. brahmacharya – nonexcess, moderation
  5. aparigraha – noncoveteousness

The niyamas, are for us, they are tools for our selves; self-discipline. There are also five.

  1. saucha – cleanliness
  2. samtosa – contentment
  3. tapas – heat, spiritual austerities
  4. svadhyaya – self-study and spiritual study
  5. isvana pranidihana – surrender to God

These ten aspects we studied each day, learning to apply them to our daily lives. At times, it is easy to apply them, sure, I’m not going to steal, but at times, it is very difficult to apply them (satya, brahmacharya). I did the assignment and realized that these are very similar to the principles that I grew up with in my childhood. However, I especially appreciate the niayamas. In my culture of growing up, these were things that were not entirely expressed, but taught through daily living. I love to see the words written here of these suggestions for living.

I am now into the 2nd month of my classes and my training keeps amazing me. Each weekend, we check in and listen to how we have grown, how an awareness has developed, how living a yoga lifestyle is truly changing our worlds–and how we love it.

This past week, I delved into meditation a bit more and found a grounding in my spirit and a new awareness that I was hither to unaware of in my life. I am very new at this and still learning, but I feel that SOMETHING has broken through and a release has happened. It is very exciting. Our teacher continues to comment how much things change when we do yoga teacher training.

She is so right on.


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