Today’s moon phase, the Waxing Crescent, brings about a solidification of an intention that I did not even know my heart was making. The intention for moderation in multiple (if not all) areas of my life.

I started a somewhat habit of paying attention to the start of the Moon Cycle and following the phases as a way to connect to nature, to honor the phases life goes through and to continue on the path that I have been journeying. This is a way for me to use a visual  (the gorgeous moon) as a reminder of the desired outcome that I want in my life. I did not have any idea that it would become a regular process that my spirit adheres to in my daily life. I heard about setting a New Moon intention for my life from a post by Kino MacGregor, an inspiration to my yoga study and practice. She asked us to make an intention about a year ago, and when I did, and posted it, she liked my post. (Sounds dorky, but it’s my one connection to her and I am proud!)

Since traveling through yoga teacher training this past year, I have come to realize the necessity and balance that comes from seeking a regular inward journey, without over thinking. I practice yoga and meditation almost daily and I continue to read the philosophy of yoga and ancient teachings.

Yesterday, as I was looking into setting an intention for the moon cycle, moderation came to mind. Moderation in all things is a beautiful way to keep balance. It is something that I continue to strive for in many areas of my life. This morning, as my car was acting funny, my husband was desperately looking for the title of another car and I travel tomorrow (in aforementioned car that is having trouble) I laughed at the thought of thinking about moderation in regard to EVERY thing…including freaking out about my car being in the shop the day before I travel 2,000 miles! I gave myself permission to moderately freak out-which made me laugh and reminded me of the humor that can be found even in these small situations.

I am going to give myself permission to moderate my life – and notice the freedom that comes from taking, observing and utilizing just what I need; no more, no less.


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