I listened to this song while writing this post, so I thought I would share with you as well.

This has been one insane week: I washed dishes in the bathtub, something I have never done. I fought off pink eye. I made a anguishing decision to have my faithful companion put to sleep at the end of this month. I have missed two days of work for one or all of these things happening. Also, several crazy, nutty things have been happening that are around my personal sphere. Crazy, I tell you. So crazy that I will NOT be writing about them here. Because they are batshit cray.

On Sunday, I woke up with pink eye after a birthday party bash that rivals most others. I asked the doctor if I could go to work and she politely told me no way. I spent Monday with my very sick dog, who has suffered with bladder cancer and most recently it has spread to her lungs. Monday evening, my cousin was coming over for dinner, and as I stepped into the basement to grab a seltzer from the fridge downstairs, I slid into 1/4″ of water on the floor. Our old galvanized pipes had stopped up, overflowed and running onto the floor, leeching a black sticky goo to go along with it.

On Tuesday, I had a meeting with a collective group of beautiful souls who I am working with to offer community yoga classes starting in October. As we walked back to our car, my friend and I were talking about our crazy weeks. She looked at me and said, “Well, you know it’s a full moon this week, you’re just getting prepared for it.”I went home that evening and geeked out on articles about the Harvest Moon this week, its coinciding prenumbral lunar eclipse, and happily researching the astrological implications of these astronomical events. 🙂 The moon was beautiful and full last night and this morning and tonight, I eagerly await its arrival. The moon has become something I reference frequently now, since my deep journey into yoga last year.

Chad caught this awesome photo in Montana this summer.
Chad caught this awesome photo in Montana this summer.

After reading the articles, it sure explains a helluva lot. (Disclaimer: I know that not all scientists agree that the moon has any effect whatsoever on craziness. However, ask any teacher, doctor or police officer if they do not notice the change in behavior during this time.) Along with the strong emotional setting that this Harvest Moon is said to rise in, there is an ushering of creativity, hypersensitivity and kindness . I do sense this happening in the midst of the chaos of this week. I have plans for a new painting, have felt strength rising and a solidification of the concepts of the past year studying and learning rising in my soul and spirit. Part of the studying last year involved developing various adult coping mechanisms (hysterical crying on the floor, waving my fists and the silent treatment were not effective…I never did those, of course…) new and healthy ways to deal with the shit hitting the fan.

Much to my surprise, I have remained strong throughout all of this by meditating, drinking a lot of tea and getting on my yoga mat-DAILY. (Grateful for this strong toolbox of coping that I am developing). I laughed through most of the pipe situation (as I sit here dealing with Day 2 of the fixing of blocked galvanized pipes), my pink eye has almost healed and I have an appointment to deal with some recent eye allergies. And, sadly, my husband and I have decided my doggie must go play with all the other doggies in heaven at the end of this month.

This is the hardest part, naturally. I have been with Anabelle since I was 25. She has been with me through divorce, several deaths, cross country trips, a gazillion mountain bike excursions, fears, joys, a wedding with the man of my dreams, travels, tears, trailrunning, swimming, beach trips…Whatever one 20something to 30something woman can traverse in a decade plus some, Anabelle was a part of that. The sadness associated with her sickness and passing has on numerous occasions taking the wind right out of my lungs and left me doubled over. I cannot relay the gamut of emotions in full that pass through me (and her) right now. She told me Tuesday, that it was time to let go, she knew it. I know it. I am grateful for our trips around the planet together.

Before that time, we have a few more things to do…like catch a Harvest Moon and Lunar Eclipse tonight.

(Do you follow the moons? Do you notice any difference when the moon is Full? I would LOVE to hear from you. Namaste, Zephyra <3)


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