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My dear friend, Barb and I have been confiding in each other and diving into studies of mysticism and the need for healing in our lives and breakthroughs in the lives around us. She has done  research on crystals and has been using them to help herself and others with blockages. I asked her to write a post here, using her new knowledge and below is what she wrote:(Thank you, Barb, for sharing with us!)

Crystals have fascinated people throughout history.  Although many view crystals as a silly ‘new age’ invention or a passing trend, they have been used by Shamans and even mentioned in the Bible. In many countries such as India, China and Egypt, crystals were used for rituals and medicinal purposes. They were esteemed not only for protection in ancient times but also for their healing powers. This esteem continues today with crystals’ use in computers and to power lasers used in surgery.

It is believed each crystal has a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance. The human body is an energy field that can at many time be unstable. This instability or disruption can create disease or havoc within this field. But by placing a crystal with its stable energy field close to this disorganization, the crystal acts similar to a ‘tuning fork’ to bring everything back into harmony.

There can be an endless list of crystals and their uses for specific emotional or physical unbalances. These don’t have to be big and blingy to be powerful – a tiny, raw chunk of crystal can be used. To use a crystal it can be worn, placed on or around your body, or within your sight. Hold your crystal in your hands, close your eyes and concentrate on the crystal. See it surrounded by bright, white light. State your intention for this crystal, for example, “This crystal will help me heal.”

As mentioned above there are many types of crystals, but if you want to start out experimenting with their healing power, the following are a few of best to start with:

Smoky Quartz-Grounding, Stabilizing, Centering

Clear quartz or smoky quarts are both very versatile. They are made of silica and scientists have found that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Quartz is an all-purpose healer, especially helpful to relieve ailments of the abdomen, hips and legs. It can help with pain relief and can strengthen the back and fortify the nerves. Smoky quartz is helpful in relieving stress and can help you tolerate difficult time. Stress can often make you feel depleted of energy and this crystal will help to restore vigor and promote positive thoughts. Quartz is the stone of balance. It will help ground and anchor you and your thoughts. By placing a large smoky quartz in your home, you will help keep it energetically clean and protected.

Green Aventurine-Harmonizing, Protection for Heart Chakra, Emotional Stability

Some other quartz based stones are Citrine, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Amethyst. Citrine is heated up deep inside the earth which turns is various shades of champagne and yellow. It is good for overall emotional well-being. If you are feeling down or have a creative block, citrine can help create a happy or creative energy. Rose quartz is the healer of emotional wounds and is helpful to dissipate anger and tension. Its energy is calming and gentle. Green Aventurine can come in other colors, but green is the most common. This stone is used for general healing of any illness. It promotes vitality – health, growth and confidence. Amethyst is the stone of protection and purification. It is helpful to boost creative thinking and spiritual awareness. Turquoise, although not quartz, is another important stone. It is considered the master healer and guards against all disease.

Whether or not using crystals is truly helpful to combat disease, make you more creative, or ease stress and tension, can be debated. If you hold a crystal and believe it will help, then perhaps it will. The mind and what and how think can be a powerful thing.

-Barb Enloe


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