For the past two years, my yearly physical has come back healthy — except for one area. Where sugar is concerned. Last year, I assumed it was the breakfast I had eaten that morning (as I had not been told to fast) but this year, I did not have an excuse. As my body and mind worked to become stronger over the past years, yielding positive results that I had not seen before, I realized that this sugar thing needs some attention. My grandfather had diabetes, and it is hereditary. As you continue to fine tune your body, it definitely becomes more of a machine. Resulting, every single piece of food and drink that you put into your body is fuel. You would not dump cooking oil into the engine of a car, as you know it is the wrong fuel to run your automobile. That holds true for us: filling your body with junk, makes your body junk. It does not work properly, as the well oiled machine that it should.


So, I assessed my diet to find out any hidden sugar (and f***ing obvious ones)(g stands for grams. Grams of sugar, silly)

granola for breakfast 9g

granola bar for snack (Kind Bar 12g) (WHAT?! That’s not very kind)

salad for lunch (dressing had only 2g of)

fruit for snack (natural sugar, but sugar no less!)

dinner usually meat and veggies/salad  followed by a cookie and/or ice cream (approx. 48g)

Okay, no rocket science here to see that I definitely had a late night dessert date that was out of control. :-/ When I started reading up on sugar and realized that sugar creates the desire for more sugar, which creates the desire for more sugar and in turn creates binges and monsters. And obesity.

I relate. (Not obesity, but the rest of it all.)

I read more about the obesity pandemic (I believe epidemic to be incorrect anymore–the obesity issue is now in a growing number of foreign countries who have adopted the American diet….I am sure they are grateful for your modern dose of American life.) The W.H.O. has even stepped in calling it “globesity.” With globesity comes a myriad of health concerns and problems–diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancers due to processed foods and chemicals in our foods.

No, the food industry does not make this easy for us. But, we are smarter and therefore wiser.

As I sat at a local coffee shop this morning and ate an icing coated cranberry orange muffin, I felt my sugar spike then drop, and then I could literally feel illness trying to work its way into my body. I could literally tell my body was suffering due to the malnutrition I fed it this morning. It was a fascinating process: turning my awareness onto the effects of the sugary food immediately brought wisdom into my life. Evolutionarily we love sugar. But, I plan on going to the grave with a clean slate.

Life is short…be well!

This past weekend, I start cutting out added sugars.  I am starting with replacing my quick granola from the grocery store with this tasty sugar free granola recipe. Lunch was a kale, chicken and rice soba noodle bowl (homemade) and dinner I am going to go vegan tonight with this sweet potato dish in honor of fall. I also plan on applying this quote to my daily living:





Anyone want to join me? If you are interested in working with me and staying accountable to this, please shoot me a note and together we can make a small change that will yield drastic results.


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