attraction-castle-tokyo-tokyo-imperial-palace-0001-0001-0001-flickrI just returned this week from Japan. The Japanese culture is cascaded with a respectful quiet, peace-filled ambiance and an awareness into daily life. I remain impressed and hope to translate some of this peacefulness and respect into my personal days. I do think it is very possible to do things such as say”thank you very much” to everyone that you meet, regardless of their state of being. I also know that by slowing down, I can learn to  be peaceful with my days. Quiet with my days. Whenever I travel, I return home and  experience reverse culture shock. I LOVE traveling, it is a huge part of my soul. I especially love to travel internationally. To date, I have been to eleven countries and all but five of the United States. Travel is my elixir, a concoction that brings me centered and home to my self.

After returning from Japan, it became evident to me that it would be fun to somehow maintain this sense of luxury, adventure and wonder in my daily life, and to treat myself as if I was on vacation. So, I am making a list of things that I do on while traveling that I do not do while I am at home in hopes that I can maintain somewhat of a sense of the dreaminess of travel while in my lovely home.

  1. A fluffy comforter. I have one, I need to use it.
  2. I drink coffee slowly and read every day (sometimes several times a day) while I am traveling. It sets up my day slowly and peacefully as I enjoy one of my favorite things-good coffee.
  3. I look around my world I am in and I participate enthusiastically. I wonder where in my own city have I never been? What could I look at from the eyes of newness around me?
  4. I walk outdoors a lot. To and from places, or hiking. Walking clears the mind, the fresh air whisks any thing that was troublesome out of my soul.
  5. Self-care. I slow down and treat myself very well on vacation. I do not hurry through meals. I enjoy the conversation. I look around at what I am eating and doing. This is something that I can easily apply to my daily life.
  6. I meet strangers easily. I treat everyone on travels as if they were magical beings with so much to offer.
  7. I am spontaneous. I travel a lot with big groups and so having a set schedule does not usually happen. Usually, we stand around trying to figure out dinner until we are all starving and tired.

I picked 7 things because 7 is my favorite number.

As I am sitting in my beautiful home and grateful to be here, I recognize that I can not travel all the time. I love what I do, where I live and the life I have built around me. However, each day can have a sense of travel regardless of where you are.

So, tomorrow, I plan on grabbing that latte and reading my book before heading off to work with those magical people who have so much to offer!


What are some habits or things that you do traveling and which you could cultivate into your day-to-day? 

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