1. tie or fasten (something) tightly.

    “floating bundles of logs bound together with ropes”

    synonyms: tie (up), fasten (together), hold together, secure, make fast, attach

    2. cohere or cause to cohere in a single mass.

    “mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them”


    1.a problematical situation.

    “he is in a political bind over the welfare issue”

    synonyms: predicament, awkward situation, difficult situation, quandary, dilemma, plight, spot, tight spot


    a statutory constraint.

    “the moral bind of the law”

At class on Thursday night, we worked on binds. Binds add an extra element to a yoga session by adding additional challenge, perspective and/or strength and balance. My plan was to teach Compass Pose | Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana towards the end of class, so I developed a sequence to prepare students to enter the pose as safely as possible. Each student was given a strap, to assist in each bound pose.As always, the binds were given assists options.

We worked on binds in: Uttanasana, Triangle, Extended Side Angle, Standing Half Lotus Forward Bend, and Marichyasana. From Bound Angle Pose, we worked into Heron Pose, and then gently easing into Compass, by bringing the arm around the inside of the extended leg and gently lifting and twisting the torso to the opposite direction.

The class looked somewhat dismayed, but by the second side, students were easing into the idea of the pose.

It worked a lot better than when I taught Bird of Paradise, to which the class mostly stopped to watch me. I am pretty sure that someone even said, “Nope” outloud.

Teaching these postures, which very few ofhave tried or even seen, has been rewarding and super challenging for me. I question my ability to explain them. Then, I notice students modifying without my guidance even-teaching ME!

What a rad experience.

I am continually amazed by my need and thirst for knowledge, as I am for my desire to teach safely and accurately. I am continually humbled by my students and their hard work and tenacity.


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