A little over 10 years ago, I stepped onto my yoga mat regularly. I was going through a time in my life that had little direction, I was quite lost. I had stepped on my mat to ‘work out’ and instead found myself healing. From that moment onward, I began to see transformation. The transformation started in my body (my upper body gained strength) and unbeknownst to me, the practice of yoga began to heal the lost parts of me as well.

Fast forward, and I teach yoga on a really regular basis. Approximately 5-8 times a week now. I have trained in the traditional 200hr program and in addition, just recently to become a Buti Yoga teacher. I have studied with Patthabi Jois’ son, Sharath, Tim Miller, and Eddie Stern. My yoga career has been short, but brave, beautiful and strong.


Personally, I step on my mat most often and practice the Ashtanga Primary Series, or Buti. I teach the majority of my classes in the style of Ashtanga, as it is truly what I have studied most. Over the last 3-4 years, I have worked alongside of Allison Bradley in Knoxville, to develop my personal practice and to grow myself as an Instructor.

My style of teaching is a pretty hand’s off experience, as I have had several uncomfortable experiences of being unnecessarily pushed into an uncomfortable yoga pose. When I studied with Jois, Miller, and Stern, obviously this was not the case, they were gentle and kind. These poor experiences, however, have led me to keep adjustments off of my clients, unless I am familiar with them. Traditionally, I know that Ashtanga teachers work a lot with adjustments, however, it just is not where I am. I also do not spend a lot of time correcting posture, because I truly believe the quote above that says, Practice and all is coming, by Pattabhi Jois. Jois also says, Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. The more you practice, the more it will come to you. I do agree that if someone is super out of alignment, however, or in danger of hurting themselves, that it would be an appropriate time to step in and assist, and I often have in these cases.

Practicing an assist, with Allison.

Wherever your yoga practice leads you, I highly recommend practicing, practicing, and practicing. Then, truly, all will come.


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