It has slowly become a household term. When even 5 years ago, this may not have been the case. Most people have some connection to yoga….either you practice currently, have practiced in the past or know someone who practices.

I stumbled into yoga accidentally when I was 12. Then, it was only Bikram and light stretching yoga. Now, there are so many types of yoga, that it is difficult to keep them all straight. Yet, if you’re like me, as you practice and practice yoga, you realize that there is more to yoga than just holding a Warrior 2 correctly.

This is where I stumbled into Yoga Teacher Training. Through this journey, I realized yoga is so much more than doing poses and getting a healthier body. Yes, this is part of it, but was never the intention of yoga.

The early Sutras of Patanjali state that yoga is:


the removal of all the misconceptions of the mind. This in turn, leads you to finding your true self. Lately, my heart has been for living a life of yoga. It has been for being a part of true and lasting change in individual’s lives.

It’s fascinating, because I wanted to leave an impact on the world in some big way. But, I am realizing that teaching these principles alone can truly make that impact. Principles such as the 8 Limbs of Yoga, which guide all yogis (or hopefully they do). Principles that I am learning more and more about every day.


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