Everyone has a story to tell, a version of how you got to where you are today. What is yours? I am sure you have insights I need to hear, and they* need to hear.

woman-holding-open-book-bursting-light-two-hands-coming-out-as-concept-learning-education-knowledge-88217817These are the ways we rewrite what is ‘supposed to be.’ By telling our own story. We take our own experiences, instead of what has been taught to us by others in order to clear the path and make our way, and others’ ways easier.

I spent years reading other’s stories and listening to advice. These years only made me realize that I was confused. I had my own story to share, my own experience to apply. However, due to the influx and incredible time I had spent on someone else’s journey and advice, my own voice was fuzzy. My spirit was still available and I recognized a voice deep within me. However, it was hard to distinguish my voice from the loads of others.

It is why I studied art in undergrad. Art and artists seemed to be always pushing the limits, or at least expressing the limits and exploring those edges and boundaries. Throughout my art teaching career, I encouraged others to seek those limits and boundaries. Once again, I forgot me. My own seeking, my own boundaries and limitlessness.

As I pursue the things that feed this joy, this creativity, I am recognizing a fire in me to stay true to me and my desires. This is reminding me stay the course that I am on by continually seeking my specific truth.

Currently, it means saying no to a lot of opportunities (admittedly, not without that first FOMO reaction) in order to say yes to the better opportunities that design my future and my destiny.

*They here is referred to as the people along the way who told you the way to do things, sometimes to the detriment of your own desires and will.

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