Fashion is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I do not spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories but I love to create unique creations and bold statements. It is truly another art form, as is design of any kind.

There is something so beautiful and alluring about fashion and the women who wear the fashions. I think of coco Chanel, and her richness and grace oozing from her pores, as she ever reminds us to be ourselves and be beautiful.

Due to the fact that I like to get muddy, work hard, mountain bike and sweat, sometimes I feel that my fashion world is like an inside thing. *shhhhh* I feel almost silly mentioning it. But alas, I toss that thought aside and press forward, as I like to do climbing the hill on my mountain bike.

I recognize the beauty in the art form. I once thought about going to fashion school myself. I applied. It was not the time for it.

So, with no more hesitation, I bring to you some things I currently love, in my closet and affordable.

Target, Sanuk, OASAP

This morning, my cousin and I are meeting downtown and the temperatures are again reaching into the upper 90s. I recently ordered these black lace shorts from an Online Store called OASAP. I have seen a few ladies wearing them around town, and just thought they were adorable. I have not owned a pair of shorts in 10 years, admittedly. These look so much like a skirt, I could not resist purchasing them…and they are quite bohemian, a favorite look of mine.

Last year, I noticed Sanuk came out with a sandal made from recycled yoga mats. WHAT could be more perfect?! I tried some on and was instantly in love. However, with my growing number of sandals, I knew it was not time to purchase them. In comes these. What is it with a lace up style that looks so darn beautiful and romantic? I ordered these from Amazon and of course, as Prime never fails, they arrived in two days!
Photo on 6-24-15 at 8.38 AM #3 I have worn them out a lot. They do not have arch support, so for someone like me, they will not be an all the time kind of shoe, BUT, they go with EVERYTHING! (especially in grey!)
The last item I shall discuss is the shirt I picked up at Target yesterday. It is a beautiful off white shirt with a black pattern down the front and sleeve seams. It isn’t as easy to find this information, but it was around $17. Also, Target is having a buy one dress get one for 50% off sale right now!

If you are reading this post, first off, THANK YOU! Secondly, will you let me know what you think? I would love to know what thoughts you have regarding this post. Thank you and may your day be filled with beauty and grace!