seek life.



Painting, for me, is a continual adventure.

Recently, life has afforded me the chance to surround myself with a freshness that mirrors the spring that has also engulfed my home. Many creative thoughts are buzzing around including new artworks…one, hopefully for an upcoming show I am to turn work into next weekend.

I wonder where artists get the inspiration to continually create artworks with a similar theme and yet remain relevant. I stumbled upon the beautiful artwork of Conrad Roset and am in awe again of another artist who has mastered artwork that eminates beauty, simplicity and modernity.

His work has a theme and a relevance (he has worked for companies such as Adidas and FC Barcelona) and his work is beautiful.

How does one do it?

I am assuming it’s the copious amount of hours one puts into working as an artist (of which I do not have sadly enough of the hours to do this) I also suppose it is an innate gift that emerges along with the soul creating the work (of which I hope and desire for this gift!).

Today, I have started a new painting. I am experimenting with color, texture and pours (all things I am deliciously falling in love with as I work more and more).

I have painted now, casually, for 15+ years. I have shown work and sold work and cried about my work and danced with my work.

I will continue to work, as an artist must.

Art demands dogged work. Work in spite of everything and continuous observation.

Van Gogh reminds me from a magnet on my fridge as I type this.

Alright, world that is aligning before me in these moments…I am off to work!